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Designers like creations without any limitation when they start to design for TV Studios.

AmFlexPro and AmFlex series, called Flexible LED screens,  can offer more possibility to designers who want to design stunning TV Studio room.

  • An anchor desk is intersected and surrounded by concave or convex led display.

  • A concave led video wall is floating in the studio and it can delivery seamless image and available in any size.

  • A direct view of a convex LED or column delivers on-field action message.

  • A circled or half circled led ticker displays whether message.

You can name more customized shapes or sizes that you want, Designled can help to achieve those projects for you.

Available for Any Application

The AmFlexPro and AmFlex Series, named Flexible LED screens, feature a single architecture across all three pitches and mounting options, system control and power management - ensuring the AmFlex and AmFlex Pro Series fitting different applications and environments.

Plus,AmFlex Pro 19.5" (400mm x 300mm) module unit is easy to provide concave and convex curved 16:9 aspect ratio video wall, it perfectly fits Full HD or Ultra HD content.


Broadcast studio demands higher level of led display technology. On-camera set design has involved with curved video walls and architectural video walls to fit customized environments.  Reliability and serviceability are very important for the video walls.

Wide viewing angles more than 175 degree of AmFlexPro Flexible LED screen deliver excellent off-axis uniformity while advanced calibration provides maximum full color and brightness uniformity across even the largest video walls.

24x7 Operation

AmFlexPro and AmFlex Series are available with a redundant signal and power backup to ensure continuous operation.