TV Studio Shopping Mall Museum

Shopping Mall

Let Your Brain Free by Flexible LED Screen

Add a “WOW ” to the stores or shopping mall, bring different shopping experience to clients.

  • A flexible wall, instead of a flat, rigid one.

  • A 360 degree viewing angle column.

  • A concave or convex display.

  • A lightweight ceiling display.

  • A Ribbon-liked display sculpture.

Available for Any Application

On the wall, hanging from ceiling or as being a ceiling, warp column, free standing on the floor, Regular or Irregular shape, AmFlexPro and AmFlex Series, Flexible LED screens,  are possible to make your ideas come true by its unique features and our first-class service.

24x7 Safety Operation

AmFlexPro and AmFlex Series are available with a redundant signal and power backup to ensure continuous operation and power centralized management is enable your place very safe to your clients.

Easy Maintenance

Complete front service makes a quick and easy maintenance.