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Why DesignLED in Museums?

Modern museums are greeting guests with new LED video display technology and DesignLED is on the forefront of digital storytelling in these spaces. To be specific, designing public venue installations is a big challenge, but with flexible LED screen it should be available in any size or shape, as well as adaptable to any architecture curvature.

DesignLED offering is very professional and features some unique characteristics that set us apart for museum digital signage solution.

Unique for Museum Digital Signage Solution

AmFlexPro and AmFlex Pro, Flexible LED screen, is able to create concave, convex, wave shape, 360 degree even twisting ribbon-liked screens for museum, atriums and public spaces. Audiences love the unexpected, and curved led displays offer a new, unique option.

Curves led screen convey an enhanced experience, something more interesting that human eyes are naturally drawn to. That is why we have created the most innovative flexible LED screens in the museum markets. The AmFlexPro and AmFlex, flexible LED screens, bring emotional connections and engagements to museum digital signages. 

Designed for Designers

AmFlexPro and AmFlex series flexible LED screens are allowing designer to create impact and unique curved or cylindrical shapes or eye-catching focal points in exhibit designs. Whether it is hanging overhead, in a fixed position on its own, or around the columns and curved roof inside of museum,  AmFlexPro and AmFlex flexible LED screens are made to equip designer with perfect solutions – No matter what size, shape, or curvature you need. Also, if you have more creative concepts please let us know, we can help your to realize it.

Value-added for the Integrator and Client

Why limit the integrators to provide their museum clients with LED screen only in a flat rectangular shape? That’s why we’ve created the most innovative AmFlexPro and AmFlex series flexible LED screens. The high profile shape, slim, low-heat, and energy-saving Flexible LED screens offer unique and engaging digital video LED wall which museum clients love, it is not only creating compelling environments that make history come to life but also LED screen itself is a visual artistic product.